Positive Paws

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Please call Chris at 515-269-9565 for more information or to sign up for a class.

We all love our dogs, or at least ideally we should! This seems remarkably easy for me to see from the perhaps uniquely canine ability to love unconditionally. And do they ever! They comfort us when we are down, they accept us for who we are, they save us from dire situations, and they seem to ask nothing in return. Incredible, maybe... Dogs, definitely!

Training through partnership

We at Positive Paws, as our name implies, utilize positive reinforcement to effect positive changes in our dogs' behavior. This can mean the traditional food treat as a reward is used, but also we will see that dogs readily respond to many other forms of postive stimulation such as game-playing, petting, verbal praise, and especially attention. Positive attention of (almost) any sort is a positive reinforcer for dogs and will increase the likelihood of observing a recurrance of that behavior. See our article on Positive Reinforcement. We realize that the process of training a dog involves a unique partnership, a deep understanding of one and other, and a mutually agreed upon system of communication (including verbal, body, and behavioral cues).

Yes, Positive Paws is still open!

We have been professionally training dogs since 1998. Originally based in the Hartford, CT area, Positive Paws has been featured on ESPN, in the media, and of course (and most importantly) around all the local humane shelters. We moved to Iowa in 2006 and have since closed our CT facility. Although discontinuing group classes, we do still offer private lessons for those of you in the Fort Dodge area, and phone consultations for the rest of the world.

What will it Cost?

Our most frequently asked question is, "how much willl it cost to train my dog?" Well, statistically, it takes an average of around 4 visits (Once a week for an hour) X $45 = $180 for the 4 weeks. We also offer a special if you prepay, and that is 175 for the 4 week program.